Aggregated news for Washington Heights and Inwood on September 14, 2011

September 14, 2011:

Back to school

The first few days in school were challenging for new students in Washington Heights. ( The students also received free school services, contributed by two education-promotion groups and a local politician. (

Inwood man killed in police fire

An Inwood man was shot dead fatally by police in a freak incident that threatens to further damage relations between the community and the police. An off-duty officer was arrested earlier this month for allegedly sexually assaulting an Inwood woman. ( An upset community met the commanding officer of the 34th Precinct, which covers Inwood, to raise its concerns over its fast-declining trust in the police force. (

Community safer than thought, claims news group

The Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods, battered by a spike in crime over the past year, are still among the safest communities to live in within Manhattan, analysis by borough news group suggests. (


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