NYPD cop pepper sprays Wall Street protesters; now faces probe sting

A New York Police Department deputy inspector twice pepper sprayed Wall Street protesters and even some of his own colleagues today, drawing angry reactions and the promise of a probe from Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

Videos released by victims show then scurrying for cover after Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper sprayed them. The first attack, captured in the video below, also provoked an angry reaction from a fellow cop, who according to the Daily Kos said: “That’s not procedure! You just fucking maced us!”

The second attack followed soon after, and was captured in a video sent by a victim, Ashley Drzymala, to the Guardian.

The Daily Kos also released a slow-motion edit of the second pepper spray incident.

The protesters were marching though Greenwich Village when the police tried to pen them in on East 12th Street, according to the Guardian. The Guardian reported that Kelly told reporters the Civilian Complaint Review Board would investigate Bologna.

The New York Times reported that the NYPD’s own internal affairs bureau would probe the incident.

According to another report in the Guardian, this isn’t Bologna’s first brush with controversy over his behavior with protesters. Alan Levine, a civil rights lawyer, told the newspaper that he had filed a case against Bologna and another officer Tulio Camejo for allegedly making false arrests and violating civil rights during protests against the Iraq War and former President George W Bush’s policies at the 2004 Rebublican national convention.

A patrol guide for police officers bars them from spraying pepper on “subjects who passively resist.” The videos do not suggest any violence by the protesters.


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